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Ultra-Strong electro permanent magnetic chuck

HVR magnetic design and manufactured electro permanent magnetic chuck is in strict accordance with European Technical standard, In order to ensure that each magnetic chuck are all high quality products, every design and manufacture process are all in the provisions of ISO9001:2000. …Read More…

[date:2012-12-27 16:34:34]   

Electro permanent magnet chuck for grinding machine

The electro permanent magnet chuck for grinding machine can be divided into horizontal intensive electric permanent magnet chuck and vertical-intensive electric permanent magnet chuck , further more, if you In accordance with the strength to distinguish electric permanent magnet chuck , this can be divided into the framework of the electric permanent magnet chuck and wearing electric permanent magnet chuck. …Read More…

[date:2012-12-26 17:05:13]   

The advantage of the magnetic fixture

The magnetic chuck also knows as magnetic fixture, the electric permanent magnetic fixture that HVR magnetic first design and manufacture in china is very popular in the metal cutting field.…Read More…

[date:2012-12-16 15:17:27]   

how to choose lifting electromagnets

HVR Magnetics Co.,Ltd tells you how to choose the lifting electromagnets…Read More…

[date:2012-12-15 09:00:35]   

India customer visit HVR MAGNETIC

In recently, a very large and also very famous India lifting magnet distribution company CEO visits our company , and highly praise of our company magnetic lifter product…Read More…

[date:2012-12-06 10:56:13]