Electro Permanent Magnetic Welding Fixtures


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Electro Permanent Magnetic Welding Fixtures
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Products details
Electro permanent magnetic welding fixtures, also known as welding electro permanent magnetic fixtures, which can be used to ensure weldment size, improve assembly precision and efficiency, as well as prevent welding deformation.

working principle
Electro magnetic permanent welding fixtures is a newly developed magnetic welding fixtures, the distribution of magnetic circuit can be controlled and converted through its control system, in order to achieve releasing and clamping of weldment on the basis of different magnetic properties.
Electro permanent magnetic welding fixtures

Main features
(1) HVR electro permanent magnetic welding fixtures have put together advantages of both type by combining the self-centering function of self-centering chuck and strong magnetic force of electro permanent magnetic fixtures .It can realize distortion-free clamping of thinner materials, and multi-sides workpiece machining in a single clamping operation, which allows for significantly improved efficiency and machining precision.

(2) Using electro permanent magnetic welding fixtures can reduce workpiece adjustment time by 30%-50%, and offers clamping and releasing in just 0.3 second, which improved productivity greatly. Adjustable magnetic penetration depth make it capable of thin steel plate welding, even workpiece thickness is below 3mm.

(3) Electric power only works in the moment of magnetization and demagnetization, after that, on energy is needed, By not needing constant electric power to maintain magnetic force ,their do not add any heat, so it can minimize maintaince cost. Since electro permanent magnetic welding fixtures can be disconnected from electric power once they are magnetized, the fixtures is failsafe ,meaning that if electro power is lost while a workpiece is clamped it remains held in plate ,and it can ensure the safety of workman.

The products are suitable for welding and haldy sheet maferials in mine indusfry, motor industry, etc. and can be used unsfantly without special maintenance.

Main technical parameters

Model Total magnetic force(kg) Overall dimension(mm) Magnetic pole number weight(kg)
HEPMF-1605R 150 156 54 180 35 206 8 9 2 2.0
HEPMF-1607R 320 156 72 180 52 206 8 9 4 3.0
HEPMF-0913R 315 86 128 112 88 136 8 9 4 3.0
HEPMF-1610R 470 156 100 180 70 206 8 9 6 4.0
HEPMF-1613R 620 156 128 180 90 206 10 12 8 4.8
HEPMF-2310R 700 226 100 250 70 276 10 12 9 5.6
HEPMF-1616R 780 156 156 180 100 206 10 12 10 6.2