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Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck
Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck for quick die clamping system changes the entire production process allowing for customize production and small batches....

HEPC1-380150 Electro-permanent lifting magnet controller
Our HEPC1-380150 electro-permanent lifting magnet controller made it easy and simple for you to use this product properly. For detailed steps to operate the controller, please read the operation instruction carefully....

Joint battery electro-permanent lifting magnet system
Joint battery electro-permanent lifting magnet system is the first design and manufactured by HVR MAGNIETICS. The model lifting magnets are versatile, compact, easy to operate and can be used to lift various steel mateiral....

Electro permanent magnetic welding fixtures
Electro Permanent Magnetic Welding Fixtures...

HLM3-B Series Permanent Lifting Magnet
HLM3-B series permanent lifting magnets are made of sintered NdFeB magntes, featuring huge attraction power, compact, high energy-economizing, convenient and reliable, long service life, and automatically unloading materials....

DYCC3 series EP Magnetic chuck
DYCC3 series EP Magnetic Chuck for vertical lathe(strong magnetic)...