HEPC1-380150 Electro-permanent lifting Magnet Controller


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Electro-permanent lifting Magnet Controller
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Thanks for using our HEPC1-38050-6 electro-permanent lifting magnet controller,in order that you can use this product properly,please read the operation instruction carefully.

This controller is designed against the working principle of electro-permanent lifting magnet, using the micro controller unit(MCU) as the intelligent controller’s core,and in the most simple operation for design concept ,which use of ultra-high output voltage of the device; reliable hardware protection and low power consumption, to ensure the system safe and reliable long-run.

Working condition: electro-permanent lifting magnet controller
1. No flammable objects, no gas, no dust,no water, and no conductive particles;
2. No corrosive liquid; 
3. Away from heat and strong electromagnetic field.

This product is a high voltage electric equipment , and no need the user to adjust the position of the inside .So in order to prevent the occurrence of safety accident, please don’t open the shell .

Performance characteristics :
1. The controller is disconnect with main circuit and no output when it is standby or after magnetization/demagnetization successfully.
2. It has over-current protection, when the EP magnets have anomaly and leading to excessive current, the controller will cut its output automatically.
3. It has under current indication function.
4. The input voltage is 380v, and output is DC170v, without power transformer.
5. The integrated design, stable and reliable .
6. It has a pre-magnetizing function and the action interval adjustable function.
7. The magnetizing and demagnetizing time less than 2 seconds.

2. Technical parameter:
1. The input voltage: AC 380V +10%
2. The output voltage: DC 40~170V
3. The maximum current of output: 150A

The outline and installation size:
Size:1000(L) ×600(W) ×500(H) (unit : mm)