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Hanging Type Permanent-magnetic separator Series RCYB
Series RCYB is made of NdFeB, a high-remanence & coercivity material,which takes the place of ferrite to totally, and has many advantages like maintenance-free,strong magnetic force, long life, simple installation, light weight, user-friendly opera...

Natural Cooling Belt Type Electromagnetic Separator Series RCDD
This series is of long work shift hanging over belt conveyer. Some parts like stand, roll, and iron discharging belt are available. They can throw away the iron materials continuously which have been attracted into iron collecting box. They are s...

Belt Type Permanent-magnetic Separator Series BCYD
Series RCYD is made of high-performance permanent-magnetic core, iron discharging belt, reducer motor, stand, roll(a waist shape seamless pipe designed to avoid running aside of the belt)and etc., which can be combined with conveyers to remove 0.1~...

Series MW84 Lifting ELectromagnet For Handling Steel Plates
This series of products are specially designed for lifting and transporting medium-thick steel plate. The lifting operation is safe, accurate and quick. Considering the possible bending and deforming may effect safe transportation, please adopt com...

MW03 series Lifting Electromagnet For Handling Thick Plates and Steel Ingots
Series MW03 Lifting Electromagnet For Handling Thick Plates and Steel Ingots.HVR magnetics specializes in manufacturing various lifting electromagnets....

MW92 Series Lifting Electromagnet for Handling Small Billets and Ingots
MW92 Series Lifting Electromagnet is suitable for lifting and transport multi-pieces of blooms, pipe billets with various lengths and cast ingots of cross arrayed.Welcome to use this series lifting electromagnet....