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HVR Exhibition information during first half of year 2018
Published:2018-03-20 10:41:27

HVR Exhibition information during first half of year 2018

Every year, HVR MAGNETICS CO.,LTD will participate different exhibition worldwidely.

Every half year, decide the plan for the coming half year.

So, what exhibition we will attend in the first half of year 2018?

Pls see below picture, there are three exhibition we attend ,the exhibition focused on MAGNETIC QUICK MOLD CHANGE SYSTEM.

If you are a injection molding machine company, agent for injection molding machine, factory eject pastic product, agent for magnetic quick mold change system and so on.


Then,we are glad to introduce more of our magnetic quick mold change system for you. Because they will bring you with many advantages, profit.


1.Fast mould change speed. Only“1 operator+3 minutes=1 time mold

change”. Save labor cost.

2.Because the mould change time shorted, so the injection moulding machine and workers’working downtime reduced much.

3.Because the mould change time shorted,so you even can buy less plastic injection moulding machine to finish same level production output. Then the total cost reduced;meanwhile, the work space reduced ,when you expand your business,you have enough production space to produce ,so the production capability improve much.

4.Improve your factory image.Magnetic quick mould change clamping system is advanced technology for plastic injection.

5.No energy consumption during the working process,only need

electricity consumption in 3-5 seconds Magnetizing &Demagnetizing time.

6.With uniform clamping force on the whole magnetic plate,it can make the produced products much more precision with higher quality.