HEPM2 series Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet


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HEPM2 series Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet
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1. Structural features

HEPM2 series electric magnet jacks (permanent magnet) is designed to lifting room temperature billet, tube and billet designed, because the magnetic circuit design which uses a special light weight suction large.

HEPM2 series of electrical permanent magnet lifting device (permanent magnet) mainly by the coil, bell cover, activities pole, and hanging ear structure, permanent magnet's pole designed two pairs of pole.

HEPM2 series of electrical permanent magnet lifting device (permanent magnet) In addition to junction box fastened with screws, the other all welded with fully enclosed, with good water resistance. Coil using a high heat-resistant grade copper magnet wire, coil and bell cover among shell filled with insulating resin, for a fixed coil, while improving heat dissipation. Constitute the magnetic circuit of the yoke of iron, steel or electric pole use high-quality steel manufacturing. Permanent magnet of high quality combination of high performance permanent magnet.

Junction box used both to prevent outside moisture intrusion, but also facilitate the exchange line structure.

2. Application:

2.1, for lifting the steel type:

a) steel thicker than 60mm of leaflets;

b) all billet, slab and large channel steel, I-beam, etc.;

c) a variety of round billet, pipe and so on.

2.2 Applicable temperature: room temperature type, maximum use temperature of less than 80 ℃;

High temperature, the maximum temperature not more than 500 ℃;

2.3, use: indoor and outdoor use.

2.4, matching power supply: YDK series.

Main technical parameters

Model Operating voltage(DC-V) Instantaneous current(A) Dimensions(mm) Maximum lifting capacity(kg) Weight(kg)
HEPM2-10045T 220 79 1000 450 400 200 2000 850
HEPM2-14530T 220 72 1440 310 400 200 2000 860
HEPM2-17050T 380 120 1500 550 400 200 3000 960
HEPM2-12075L 380 260 1200 750 500 250 5000 1850
HEPM2-17075L 380 320 1700 750 500 250 6000 2850
HEPM2-256100T 380 220 2560 1030 440 70.5 8000 4500

Data above our standard model. Our company can according to customer application requirements, custom all kinds of electric permanent magnet lifting device (permanent magnet solenoid).