HEPMP-V series for lifting steel plate


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HEPMP-V series for lifting steel plate
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Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets for side Lifting Steel Plate

Electro Permanent Magnet System is a system made of permanent magnets and controlled by electro controller.
The magnetic strength is from the permanent magnets and the electricity is only used to change to magnetic field.

 Main Features:
Made of high quality rare earth neodymium magnets
Unique EPM technique using double magnet systems.
EPM needs electricity only during switching magnet ON and OFF.  
Special safety-Will not drop when load is hanging due to incorporation of safety contacts-less switch.

1. Steel factories, warehouses and places where steel plate need to be handled and transported efficient and safely.
2. Shipbuilding industry
3. Other machines or tools where steel materials needs to be holding and raising.

Safe, efficient and energy saving
light weight and strongest load capacity.
Can be controlled by a single operator staying at a safe distance.
Low maintenance cost
Over 95% saving of electricity as compared to conventional lifting electromagnet

When lifting steel plate or plate work pieces, sometimes need to be lifted or lifted or tilted or stacked, and with a certain angle welding, assembly operations and so forth, you can use the side lifting EP magnet. The lifting force must have 4-5 times than level lifting in order to ensure the process of lifting and handing slip-free.

HEPMP-V series(lifting steel plate)HEPMP-V series for lifting steel plate

Main technical parameters

Model Rated lifting capacity(kg) Thickness(mm) Max.pull-off strength of level lifting(kg) Overall dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
HEPMP-1000P50V 1000 ≥6 14000 650 290 62 50 90
HEPMP-1500P50V 1500 ≥6 21000 770 350 62 50 125
HEPMP-2000P50V 2000 ≥6 29400 890 410 62 50 170
HEPMP-3000P50V 3000 ≥6 42000 950 530 62 50 235
HEPMP-1000P70V 1000 ≥12 14385 610 290 68 70 100
HEPMP-1500P70V 1500 ≥12 21920 690 370 68 70 135
HEPMP-2000P70V 2000 ≥12 27400 850 370 68 70 165
HEPMP-3000P70V 3000 ≥12 41100 1010 450 68 70 235

Note 1. The definition of rated lifting capacity for this series EP magnet: Rated lifting capacity=The max.pull-off strength of level lifting at0.50mm working air-gap/7.5.