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HVR MAG demonstrate update magnetic quick clamping system in Chinaplas
Published:2017-05-18 13:43:11

HVR MAG trip to Guangzhou,China for the China Plastics And Rubber Industries Show (CHINAPLAS 2017) proved to be a major success.

Accompanying the growth of China's plastics and rubber industries for over 30 years, CHINAPLAS has become one of the most highly respected and business platform for these industries and it is also widely recognized by the industry as the 2nd most influential exhibition in the world.
headlined by the premiere of their evolution product, Magnetic Quick Mold Clamping system. Many passersby stopped to check out the demonstrations of this update technology magnetic clamping system , using a latest ferromagnetic fluid, which truly brought injection mold machine more smart idea. All of the customers took great interested in this new magnet clamping method. 
Some famous Injection Molding Machines suppliers and distributors in domestic and overseas are looking forward to introducing this new product to the marketplace.
According to information, this set of magnet quick mold change system, using unique magnet structure, 20% magnet clamping force larger than normal type.suitable for 50 tons to 4000 tons injection mold machine, only one worker is require to operate magnetic clamping system, greatly reduce labor cost and working strength. It only needs several seconds to load and unload plastic mold, magnetic force up to 160N/cm². 
By using this new clamping method, mold open without deform, fully abandon traditional clamping method, such as: mechanical and hydraulic method.widely applied in punching machine, injection mold machine, rubber machine, etc.