Electro permanent magnetic chuck


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Electro permanent magnetic chuck
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Magnetic chuck key features:

1. Magnetic powerful, high machining accuracy. Maximum suction table 13-18kg/cm ², is an ordinary magnetic suction cup 2 times, to ensure that the workpiece clamping firm plan move does not appear strained, due process does not require electricity, so there is no heat distortion of the phenomenon of products, effective ensure accuracy.

2. Safe, strong, energy saving, environmental protection. Magnetic sucker in the work process does not require electricity, rely on suction for holding permanent jobs, to avoid the electromagnetic system and the cord is damaged in a sudden power loss arising from the magnetic piece off the danger. Because only in the charging electric permanent magnetic chuck and the degaussing process energy used within 1-2 seconds, the work did not use any energy and produce safe, strong, efficient power, both economic, and environmental protection.

Electrical power in an instant after sucker magnet permanent magnet can be sucked into prison to locate the workpiece processing, reverse current is applied, you can remove the workpiece demagnetization, security, energy saving, easy to operate, no temperature variations, high machining accuracy. The product is equipped with power supply unit for charging and demagnetization.