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HBEP battery electro-permanent lifting magnet
HBEP battery electro-permanent lifting magnet is a newly developed high-tech magnetic lifting products, which use electro-permanent lifting magnet body, maintenance-free batteries and special controller. The HBEP magnets not only have the feature o...

Series MW84 Lifting ELectromagnet For Handling Steel Plates
This series of products are specially designed for lifting and transporting medium-thick steel plate. The lifting operation is safe, accurate and quick. Considering the possible bending and deforming may effect safe transportation, please adopt com...

MW5 lifting electromagnet for Lifting Steel Scraps
MW5 scrap lifting electromagnet adopts a special design magnetic circuit which has large air space and magnetism density.MW5 scrap lifting electromagnet also has the characteristics of light weight, low power consumption, high lifting capacity and ...

HEPM1 series Electro-Permanent lifting magnets
HEPM1 series EP magnet is a modular system where either one or multiple magnet can be controlled from a single controller....

HLM6 Series Permanent Lifting Magnet
The magnetic circuit is produced by rare earth Nd-Fe-B magnetic steel with reasonable design. Unloading materials adopts simple can structure. This series are compact, cheap and convenient with large attraction force, which are good helper of mediu...

HLM3 Series Permanent Lifting Magnet
HLM3 series lifting magnets are made of sintered NdFeB magntes, featuring huge attraction power, compact, high energy-economizing, convenient and reliable, long service life, and automatically unloading materials. It’s widely used for lifting and...