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Strong type electro permanent lifting magnet

The electro permanent magnetic chuck for Machining center that design and manufacture by HVR Magnetic is the best magnetic solution In china currently.…Read More…

[date:2012-06-29 17:52:23]   

HVR magnetic company electro permanent magnetic chuck brief introduction

HVR MAGNETIC rectangular electro-permanent magnetic chucks the internal is use of rare earth permanent magnetic material as the main pole, this design idea can permanently maintain the stability of the magnetic force, but not with the extension of time and attenuation, also Not affected the external current size and without fluctuation change,…Read More…

[date:2012-06-21 15:09:50]   

HVR HEPM1 series Electro-Permanent lifting magnets success export to Australia corporation

HVR HEPM1 series Electro-Permanent lifting magnets success export to Australia corporation…Read More…

[date:2012-06-13 17:23:45]   

HVR 20 tons of lifting electro permanent magnet

In May 28, 2012 the magnetic product is successfully delivery to the China first heavy machinery Group Company. After China first heavy machinery Group Company technical staff finish detecting, now the electro permanent lifting magnet systems is put into use in the China first heavy machinery Group production line. …Read More…

[date:2012-06-08 15:54:28]   

Lifting electromagnetic factory testing

In order to ensure every lifting electromagnetic that HVR magnetic design and manufacture with good performance, before the lifting electromagnetic leaving the factory, the necessary commissioning and trial running test that concern lifting electromagnetic must be in strict accordance with European Technical standard . …Read More…

[date:2012-05-15 13:25:37]